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Jill Adepoju is a woman on a mission to change lives and make a massive impact for good in the world.
Jill is an accomplished woman and it’s her passion of helping women that keeps her on the continuous path of learning and growing. She is a doctor of chiropractic, a certified NLP practitioner, a certified Master Empowerment coach, a certified Neurofit trainer, a certified breath work facilitator, and a podcaster. She has trained under powerhouses like Tony Robbins, Dr. Matt James, Mel Robbins, Gabby Bernstein, Joe Dispenza, Dean Graziosi, Lori Smith, and Crystal Andrus Morrisette, just to name a few. Jill is a leader and advocate in the women’s empowerment and self love field. She has a special way of connecting with women and helping them get out of their own way so they can find their light, feel aligned with their purpose, and create the life of their dreams. She teaches women how to truly heal and step into their authentic power by using techniques she has mastered and created from her own experiences working with thousands of women in her practice. She has a unique way of blending her years of experience as a chiropractor into her coaching business, and together, ties it all into a powerful approach to help women heal, and create meaningful change in their lives.

Dr. Jill currently offers her coaching services online. For more information please visit the link www.girlwhatareyouwaitingfor.com

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